Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Dark Park

As a rule, I try to avoid walking in parks in the dark. But tonight, after running errands and having a visitor in the early evening, it was 7:50, and I still had not left. I planned to do 4 miles tonight.

Knowing it would get dark before I was done, and not wanting to try to do that many miles in my neighborhood, I decided to head up a fairly busy road to the park at the library, do one lap while it was still light, then head home.

It worked out perfectly! I got to the park just as dusk was starting to fall. I planned my lap to do the section with the most trees while it was still light out. I finished the lap just as it was starting to feel dark in the park. I was amazed at the number of people I saw. It felt very safe.

Then I walked back along a well lit, busy, road and was in my neighborhood. Though I really needed to do 4 miles, I feel good that I was able to squeeze in a little over 3 that late in the evening. Tomorrow I'll try to make it up by doing 5 miles.

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