Thursday, December 14, 2006

Getting Back to Normal - Kinda

Life is starting to get back to normal! The day was beautiful, and I really didn't have anywhere to be for a change, so I went out for a short walk. Today felt just like a spring day and was great for lifting my spirits.

This is a little off topic, but I don't feel that the days have been nearly as short as I have in previous winters. I have not been affected by the early evenings like I usually am. By this late in December, I'm usually going nuts from a lack of daylight. We have not had any snow yet, so that probably makes a big difference.

Let's hope I can start walking more regularly again and not just sneak in stair climbing and quick trips to the post office.


bobmoore said...

Hey Cindi-Thanks for the picture. Would sure like to have one autographed. I use every day . It sure helps when I want to slack off.

Cindi said...

Hey Bob!

Do you want the page autographed, or just the photo?

I'm planning to start using a walking tracker soon. I'll be doing the Country Music Half Marathon in April and need to be a little more disciplined.