Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Resolutions

If your New Year's Resolutions include improving your health, walking more, maybe training for a walking event... then WALK! Magazine can help you keep those resolutions!

We are choosing which events we will go to in 2007, and will have training programs posted on our web site soon. We would LOVE to have a large group of people in WALK! Magazine T-shirts show up at one or two of those events. We are in the process of developing a package that includes a training log, T-shirt, training schedule and motivation! The most important part of training is the motivation!

In the meantime, everyone should be walking 3-5 days a week to start building up base mileage.

I will let you know when we are ready!


Dixiedd said...

Looking forward to finding out the locations of the 2 walks. Hopefully they'll be close to me so I can partiicpate.

Best we getting busy building a base.

NO excuses in 2007!

Cindi said...

We will be choosing the events soon! I hope you'll be able to make at least one of them.