Sunday, December 03, 2006

Waiting Rooms

Today I had a couple of hours to kill and instead of sitting in the waiting room I decided to go for a walk. Unfortunately, it was a little too chilly for the way I was dressed to go outside. Being resourceful, I went to the parking garage and climbed the enclosed stairs to the 6th floor a few times. Walking stairs is different from actual walking, so it did not take long for me to exhaust my legs.

Because not many people walk "up" stairs when elevators are available, I did get some strange looks from the few people I saw who were willing to walk down. I could tell from the condition of the steps that the stairs above the third floor were not used much at all. They looked brand new! Regardless, it felt great to be out and moving and really tiring my legs. Not only did it help to release some stress, it inspired me to eat a great healthy lunch.

When you spend a lot of time in a car, as I have done over the past couple of weeks, and don't have time to exercise, you have to be resourceful.

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