Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Detroit was ...

fantastic! The weather was beautiful, the people were very friendly, the course was great! The friends I traveled with were so much fun. I am amazed at how beautiful Detroit has become. And the Expo was very good for us!

There were only two minor glitches: 1) I stood so much during the Expo, my feet were killing me and made it difficult to walk any faster during the event. 2) In order to meet as a group before the race, we didn't go to the start line in the most efficient manner, and ended up stuck behind some intense fencing. It was pretty tough to get to the walkers' start corral.

I don't think I could have planned a more perfect weekend. (OK, if there was a way I could work a booth at the Expo without exhausting my feet and legs and still be able to walk fast during the half, and if I had won a million dollars at the casino, then that would have been perfect.)

Thanks to the members of the WALK! Magazine Walking Team for making the weekend so much fun! NOTE: Tom's wife Peggy took several pictures of us before the start, but we were in two groups. I'll post the other photo as soon as I receive it. From left to right: Tom, Chris, Me and Deb.

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