Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Electronic Edition of WALK! is Out

The electronic edition of WALK! Magazine was delivered to subscribers yesterday. If you subscribed and have not received the links and password for the Fall 2008 issue, please let me know.

PS: Two e-mails bounced. They were re-sent about 5 min ago.


Sarah said...

I'm still confused! Is everybody who subscribes to WALK! getting an electronic version now rather than a paper/print one? I ask because I didn't receive an e-mail yesterday.

Cindi said...

Hi Sarah,

The electronic version of the magazine is for subscribers who requested to receive it instead of a printed copy.

I'll let you know what day the magazine mails. I left a message at the mailing house today, but it wasn't returned. (I thought it would have been mailed yesterday, but I can't verify yet.)

Sarah said...

Awesome! Thanks Cindi!