Thursday, October 09, 2008

High Heels and Walking

For years I wore high heels and loved them! I had dress heels for business and high heeled boots for my jeans. I could wear heels anywhere for any length of time, and I was fine. I wore a pair of high-heeled boots while sight seeing and walking over 6 miles in Las Vegas with no pain!

Earlier this year I started having pain in my feet right where they bend when I racewalk. Then my big toes started aching and eventually the entire front of each foot (where the toes meet the ball of the foot) began aching, even when wearing flats!

To give my feet a chance to heal, I wore flats every day since June, even when it looked ridiculous. The pain went away and I even learned how to racewalk for real! I was under the impression my problem was over. Yea!

I'm only 5' 5", so wearing heels makes me feel tall. And I hate the look of dress pants and jeans with flat shoes! So I gave in and started wearing heels again.

First, the pain in my toes came back, but only while wearing heels. Next, I started having some new and different pains when I racewalk. And finally, I have lost my tolerance for wearing heels! I wore my favorite pair of high-heeled boots today, and my feet are killing me. (Aren't they cute? They are perfect with jeans.)

Sometimes it takes me a while, but I am finally taking the hint. I just am not meant to wear high heels.

I'll go out shopping this weekend to find a great pair of low-heeled boots to wear with my new jeans. Oh, and I'll start shortening my pants.

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