Saturday, May 09, 2009

Cooking Goetta takes Skill

Discovered today that I cannot cook goetta.

Normally, my husband cooks it. He is from Cincinnati and introduced me to goetta more than 25 years ago. But when I got back from my morning walk, he was not out of bed yet and I was very hungry for goetta. (In my defense, I made slow-cooking oatmeal, too. Very healthy!) I went out of my way last weekend to pick it up on the way home from Cinci, I really wanted to eat some. I attempted to cook it myself.

I sliced it, put it on a hot griddle and waited for it to get crisp. I know you have to wait until it is crispy before it is flipped. My mistake was that I let it get too crisp on both sides, seriously overcooking it.

Eating it was not very satisfying because there is not much flavor when it is cooked that long. Luckily, my husband awoke, made a second batch and showed me the error of my ways. Slice it thicker -- don't let it get nearly as crisp.


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