Thursday, May 14, 2009

Walking Twice in an Evening

First Walk
Deb and I attempted to do our first speed workout after a half marathon about 10 days ago. Since then, she also entered a 4-mile race at a great pace and I got a workout hiking several miles in Hocking Hills.

Our plan was to do 1/4-mile sprints. We walked for just one-half mile to warm up, but probably should have done a little more. During the first sprint my shins were killing me! I had to slow down about halfway through.

Based on the pain and stiffness, we decided to do 1/4-mile cool downs between sprints. Gradually our shins loosened, but not enough. I think it was too early for us to be working that hard. After sprints of 3:27; 3:23 and 3:36, we decided to just walk our regular pace for a mile and a half and try again when she gets back from vacation.

Second Walk
The second walk tonight was with my husband. After dinner, we did a 45-min tour around the neighborhood. One of the things I like about walking with him is he takes different routes than I typically do. It's not like our neighborhood is all that large, but there are several cul-de-sacs and a few streets I don't typically take. It was nice!

It felt good to get in the extra miles. It was a good day for walking!

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