Sunday, May 31, 2009

Too Busy to Walk -- Sort Of

Some really tough deadlines requiring lots of overtime, an upcoming family wedding, a "graduation" of sorts, end of school-year events and stress overall have led to my lack of walking this past week. It's not that I didn't walk at all, the walking I did was completely uneventful and low key.

My son and husband walked in the neighborhood with me a couple of times, I walked to the library once, and that was about it. The walks kept me moving a little, and probably helped a little with my stress, but didn't do much else. I didn't raise my heart rate, didn't breath hard and certainly did not break a sweat.

These walks were more for mental health and bonding than for fitness. I thought it was cute when my son asked me to walk with him one night. Alone time with my 15 year old -- at his request!

We still have another week until the wedding, deadlines are looming and the stress is still pretty intense. I don't see any major workouts happening this week with family coming to town and time so short. But I'm hoping that at the least I'll still be able to fit in a couple evening walks.

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