Sunday, March 18, 2007

7 Miles

I was afraid to walk with my walking club this weekend because of last week's race. I was so tight and had such a hard time moving my legs, I didn't want to hold anyone else back for 6-8 miles. So, I walked alone at Antrim Park this morning.

My original plan was to do 5 laps around the lake for 6 miles, see how I felt and decide if I would add more. After one lap, I was freezing! I ended up going back to my car to get my fleece gator to wear around my neck. It helped quite a bit, but the huge sections of shade around the lake and the slight breeze across the water made me cold. I decided to head up the bike path to stay in as much sun as possible.

I walked out 2.5 miles, turned around and came back for a total of about 7.3 miles. Totally uneventful. Lots of sun, little wind and I even broke a sweat. My legs felt less tight the entire distance and I felt as if I could have pushed quite a bit harder. The few times my stop watch did not get caught on my sleeve and turn off, I was able to see I was walking about a 15:20 mile. That's about what I did last week when I was struggling, pushing as hard as possible and in pain! In fact, I had no pain at all today!

I focused a LOT of attention on stretching. Because I've been so tight and my legs have felt so heavy, I've been trying to stretch more than usual anyway.

So, I feel pretty good! I walked farther than I had anticipated I would and I had no pain. I'll be traveling in a week or so. I hope I can fit in some walking so I keep feeling this good!

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