Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Feeling Great

I did my 45-min. "easy" walk today and I feel fantastic! I had no tightness and felt good the entire time. The warm-up felt good and didn't take too long. My knees were not swollen earlier today and that's a good sign. To help make sure they did not swell up again, I started icing as soon as I finished stretching. Oh, I did ALL of my stretches and they felt great, too. (I still need to find a better IT stretch. I feel it is not being stretched effectively.)

I'm confident I have finally turned the corner. I think I'll start building more muscle and have less swelling and muscle pain.


Dan Molnar said...

Cindi, the April 2007 issue of Runner's World magazine has an article on IT band stretching. I will try to remember to scan and e-mail a copy of this article to you. Dan

Cindi said...

Thanks, Dan! I have not read my April issue yet. I'll take it with me on my business trips next week and read it on a plane. (I knew someone who reads this blog would have some stretches for me.)