Thursday, March 01, 2007

Winter Rain

I hurried home today to get out walking while it was still light outside. That would be a nice change! I encountered the typical delays but was still out the door by 6. (OK, it was an hour later than I had intended, but I don't care - it was light outside!)

It was raining, but that is OK. The thermometer on my car said it was 49 degrees. I wore a technical shirt, fleece jacket and a waterproof shell, baseball hat and double layer walking pants. I also wore the shoes with the least amount of mesh.

Because of the temps I was optimistic that the paved loop around the library would be clear, so I drove over there. About 10-min. into my walk, I hit a huge patch of wet ice and slid quite a ways. Further down the trail, it was totally flooded. What was I thinking! After a few more encounters with ice and flooding, I ended up going to the street that surrounds the park and walking in the street. Yes, I could have done that from home, but I'm tired of walking in my neighborhood.

The original plan was to walk a known distance and start timing myself again to determine my pace and start tracking improvement. I chose this park because I know one loop is 1.2 miles and I needed to walk at least 3 miles.

Though it was an adventure, it is all good! It was 49 degrees today! Woo hoo! I got in 45 min. of walking, did not wear one piece of winter clothing, worked up a sweat, no rain went down my neck and I didn't wipe out!

PS: It wasn't a February rain. You all know how much I HATE rain in February!

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