Sunday, March 04, 2007

Contingency Plan

It was 24 degrees with a light dusting of snow this morning. I was not sure where to go to get in 6 miles - we had so much rain earlier this week many trails are probably still flooded. After deciding to head to the trail around a small lake, my car wouldn't start. Though irritating, I probably had a better walk heading from the house.

I have not tried to walk this many miles in my neighborhood since I did my first marathon in 2000. Rather than be exact in distance, I decided to walk for 90 min. It would be close enough. (I still have not had the opportunity to walk a known distance to determine my current pace. A 15-min. mile is probably not too far off.)

So, I walked every cul-de-sac, every tiny side street, every bit of sidewalk I could find. The wind had picked up and I was glad I was not at the lake where there would have been nothing to stop it. In the neighborhood I had houses and trees to slow it down. Even when I walked straight into the wind, it wasn't long before I turned up a side street and out of it for a short while. It helped to keep me going.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that one of the benefits of walking is you just need a good pair of shoes and to head out the door. And though I was looking forward to going back to the lake, it helps to have a contingency.

I like to keep track of what I wear in cold weather so I can remember the next winter. Today I had on double layer walking pants, a long-sleeved technical shirt, fleece jacket, windproof jacket, gator, headband and thin mittens. I worked up a slight sweat and felt comfortable. If there had been more wind, I might have been a little cold.

When I got home, my husband had started my car and was off to the garage to have the battery checked!

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