Thursday, March 08, 2007

Too Cool for Fleece

I think it is just in the 40s today - maybe not even 40. Because of the bright sun, it felt VERY warm. And because of the sun, I wore just a short sleeved technical shirt and a fleece jacket with heavy walking pants. I only needed to fit in 45 min., so I kept going even though I could feel the breeze through the fleece as I walked out the door. I thought I would warm up and be fine.

I did warm up, but I wasn't fine. The breeze through the fleece kept my arms chilled. My legs felt really stiff and tight, so I slowed down to give them a chance to warm up, and that made me even more cold. A simple wind jacket would have been perfect.

Regardless, it was great being outside in the sun and walking. (Though I do plan to do extra stretches tonight.)

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