Sunday, March 11, 2007

Good First Race!

It was a little bit chilly and there was the time change. Other than that the Spring Fling 5 Miler put on by Run Wild Racing was fantastic.

I'm still a little bit tight, and though I did attempt to warm up, I didn't try hard enough. The first two miles my shins were killing me! After that I was fine. I was way in the back, as I had expected, but it was still fun.

I had not been able to time myself on a known distance this year, but I was not totally surprised to find out I finished 5 miles in 1 hr 15 min. (Official time might be closer to 1:16.) I had the desire to go faster, I just was not able. It was frustrating, but I had not worked on speed yet this year.

I actually needed to get in 7 miles this weekend, so when I got home I walked an additional 30 min. Though I'm still tight and sore I feel I'll be ready.

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