Thursday, April 05, 2007

Highs and Lows

Tuesday of this week, the temps were in the 80s. Wednesday and Thursday we are in the 30s. I've probably said this a hundred times - I'm OK walking in the cold if I'm acclimated. However, the severe temperature shifts make it very difficult for me to walk.

Yesterday I felt so cold, I didn't walk. It was sleeting! Yes, I wimped out. To make up for it, I did go out for an hour today, but I WAY overdressed! Winter coat, blue jeans, heavy gloves... Though it was snowing, I did work up a sweat and I even took off my hood.

It is supposed to be cold for a few more days, but we might be up to the 50s by Easter. Woo hoo! I will continue to follow my training schedule the best I can.

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