Sunday, April 08, 2007

Not Sure

I'm not sure why I was so worn out yesterday during and after walking. For some reason I was in a LOT of pain last evening. My lower back hurt and my legs felt VERY heavy. I wouldn't be surprised if I had just started walking. I wouldn't be surprised if I suddenly added a lot of distance, but I walked only 4 miles or so. I'm wondering if part of the problem is from cleaning and re-arranging my office. (I tried to get help with the heavy boxes, but I did lift and move some I probably should not have lifted.) I started a medication that has a few side effects, but none of them sound like this. It can cause depression, though. hmmm

I felt better today, but my legs still feel a little tired and heavy. After everyone left this evening, I went out for a short walk of maybe 15 min. and it helped.

I'll try walking a couple of miles tomorrow and see how I feel.

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