Monday, April 23, 2007

New Shoes

I received my news shoes in the mail today! (I don't buy shoes through the mail unless they're exact same as a pair I already own.) This pair of Brooks were recommended by Curtis at Complete Runner in Flint, MI last week. They are nice and flexible with just the right amount of support for the foot that pronates.

I find it funny that the pair I tried on was white with red trim - the perfect pair for a Buckeye fan! The pair that arrived in the mail is a bright Maize - the perfect color for a Michigan Wolverines fan. Are you trying to tell me something Curtis?

I wore the shoes for a short 2-mile walk today. They are great! I'm not sure if I should wear them in Nashville this weekend for the Country Music Half Marathon. I've been assured that they have a very short break-in period, but it still makes me nervous. At the same time, I waited WAY too late to replace my shoes. I might not have a choice.

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