Saturday, April 07, 2007

I'm a Wimp

OK, I'm officially a wimp! I will never again make fun of warm-weather walkers who cannot handle temps in the 40s.

Today I needed to get in 8 miles. It was pretty chilly this morning, so I decided to do some cleaning and organizing first. As the day went on, it got colder and snowed more. The snow was even sticking to the ground! Finally, it was late enough in the day that if I didn't go, I wouldn't go. I was bundled up in a winter coat, with heavy gloves and went out. I decided to walk the mile to the library, do a couple of laps at the park and head back.

It was cold and the wind was blowing pretty hard. By the time I got to the main intersection down the street, the snow was pelting my face pretty hard! I almost turned around.

I decided to go all the way to the library to decide how far I would walk. (It's a little bit better than the 5-min rule.) With the houses and buildings on that street, the wind was not much of a factor. When I got to the park, I had to turn straight into the wind. Geez it was cold! I tried one more lap before I finally gave up. When the wind is blowing so hard I have to hold my hood on, it's time to head home!

So, after only a little more than 4 miles, I gave up. Yes, I am officially a weather wimp!

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Dan Molnar said...

Yesterday (Saturday) was definitely not a good day for wimps. I did 20 miles here in Kentucky. I enjoyed the walk but did not enjoy the weather. It was cold and extremely windy. I can empathize with you Cindi. We both hope for better weather in the coming weeks. Dan