Friday, August 03, 2007

Heading Home

On our way home from Land Between the Lakes we stopped at Mammoth Cave. We did one of the longer hikes - over 2 miles and about 2 hours. The more than 160-stair climb at the end was a nice workout.

It has been so hot and humid all week, it was really great being in the cool dark cave. It's a shame our group was so large! I think our guide was cutting a few things short because it took so long to get people gathered.

Regardless it was fun! I'm a little less stiff though my neck still hurts. My "mosquito" bites are obviously NOT from mosquitoes now. I think they are chiggers. (Yuck!) Anti-itch creams have saved my life, that and Ibuprofen, air conditioning and a little bit of Merlot. (For the antioxidants, of course.)

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