Thursday, August 02, 2007

Hiking Mishap

I love hiking. Earlier this week I went with my daughter and brother-in-law on a trail here at Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky. It was hot and humid, and VERY hilly! The trail was well marked and we had planned to turn around and head in the opposite direction after about 1.3 miles so we could see what was north of where we started. (There just happened to be a sign that said we had gone 1.3 miles, so we turned around.)

My BIL has VERY long legs. My daughter is very nimble and really more of a runner. As we were walking I realized that she just kind of skipped along barely touching the ground. My BIL was taking one step for every 2-3 of mine. Though on a flat surface I can racewalk faster than they can walk, keeping your feet low to the ground and not bending knees doesn't work on a trail. I decided to just walk a little behind them and not stress. On a hairpin curve down a hill, I cheated, cut through and caught up with them. I was a little cocky and laughing, not watching the trail. My right foot caught on a big immovable rock, and before I knew it, I was in mid-air, thinking "This is going to hurt." I hit the ground on my right arm, hip and shin. I laid there a minute wondering if I was hurt, and when my BIL looked all worried I got worried. I was scraped up pretty good, but nothing was broken. We cut the hike short when we got to the point we entered (About 2.6 miles total.) and went back to the cabin. The middle of my upper arm is a pretty purple, my hip has another pretty purple spot, and my leg is scraped with a little more purple underneath. I feel achy all over, and my neck and back are especially throbby.

I'm very lucky I wasn't hurt worse. Unfortunately, it really cut down on my desire to get in more walking. I probably will do a little later today when it cools off, but not necessarily on a trail.

I'm amazed how yucky I can feel after an impact with the ground. It does make me wonder how football players do it.

Anyway, we are still on vacation, and expect to be back over the weekend. If I can get to the library again to get Internet access before we return, I will.

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