Saturday, August 11, 2007

New Blister

I walked an easy 8 miles today. My recent vacation and the extreme heat truly messed with my Crim training!

I'm not sure how far I was supposed to go today, 8 or 10, but I decided to take it easy since I'm a little bit off. And the Crim race is only 10 miles, so even if I don't go farther than 8 miles in training, I know I'll be fine.

After 2 miles, I felt a poking at the edge of my left heel. I stopped, thinking I had a small stone in my shoe. Nope! I have a small blister on my foot! It looks as if I now have a wrinkle in my insole. I have to assume it is new, it's the first blister from these shoes. Luckily, it is pretty tiny and i had already planned to buy a new pair this weekend.

After the extreme heat of the week, it was really nice having the temps just in the 80s!

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