Monday, August 06, 2007

You Know it is Hot When...

* When the thermostat in the house says it is 80 degrees, yet it is still cooler inside than out! (Our air conditioner broke, and it is rigged to produce slightly cool air for about the next 48 hours, until the replacement can be installed.)
* Even your wicking fabrics cannot keep up with the amount you are sweating.
* The ice in your water bottle melts within the first 5 mins of being outside.
* I wore shorts and a tank top to walk in, even though it looks like I've been through a recent car wreck with all of my scrapes and bruises. (From the fall when hiking last week.)
* My Mom's dog doesn't want to sit in anyone's lap.
* A person like me, who rarely uses AC, is dying to drive somewhere just to cool off.
* The dog that normally charges me when I walk by his house, just strolled to the edge of the sidewalk and barked only three times.

NOTE: I know I should have waited until dark to walk today, but I knew if I waited I probably would not go. My schedule is off from vacation, and I need to get back on track. So I walked when the motivation hit me.


Anonymous said...

Cindi, I hope all your scrapes and bruises are getting better.

During these hot days, we all need to make sure we properly stay hydrated! They recommend doing a "sweat test". This involves weighing yourself before your walk, walk for an hour, and then weigh yourself afterwards. Take the difference in pounds and multiply by 16 (about 16 ounces per pound), and add in any ounces of fluid you may have taken in between weighings.

The result is the amount of fluid you lost during the hour of walking, which you should be replacing as you work out.

This morning, I did a 5 miler in about 54 minutes (really hot and humid), and I lost 3 1/2 pounds, which is about 56oz of fluid (3.5 x 16 for those of you doing the math)! I sweat a lot, but I probably normally replace about 20oz/hour. This was unusual today.

That is why I felt terrible and was cramping up the last few miles of the Napa Half marathon a couple weeks ago- I didn't take in enough fluids at the water stations.

Stay cool, and remember to monitor your fluid intake particularly during this really hot weather here in the midwest.


Cindi said...

Good advice! I have never done the sweat test. I may have to try it.

I am careful. And I carry water year-round. But during races I tend to drink less. (My first marathon I drank too much and ended up making 6 port-a-john stops!)

My bruises are starting to turn yellow so they should be gone in no time.