Thursday, August 30, 2007

Toes and New Shoes

What is it about new shoes and toes that just don't go together? I have finally had the opportunity to wear my new bright blue shoes for more than just a casual walk. I decided to try to pseudo-racewalk 3 miles today.

After about 20 mins the toes on my right foot started to feel a little funny. They weren't numb, but they didn't feel right. I assumed my shoes were tied too tight and kept going. They were feeling more and more odd until they finally started to hurt. With about 10 min left to walk I slowed down and quit all attempts to racewalk. The pain did not subside and I started getting shooting pains up my leg. Not good.

Got home, took my shoes off and my feet feel OK. My toes are a little sensitive, but nothing serious. I was hoping to wear the shoes this weekend for a long walk, but I'm rethinking it. I might just walk a few miles in my old shoes and few in the new ones and see how it goes.

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