Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Rain Delays - Alternate Plans

Today was supposed to be our speed day, but a potential City Championship baseball game and severe thunderstorms caused us to cancel our workout. (The thunderstorms also cancelled the baseball game.)

The storms stopped as I dropped my car off at the garage to be checked out. (Funny noise.) The garage manager kindly offered me a ride home, but I said no and ended up walking a couple of miles to run errands before I went back home. From the garage I crossed the street to the dry cleaner, crossed the street again to get a cold beverage at the gas station, then walked the long way to the Post Office. After gathering my mail, I crossed the parking lot to go the bank. Unfortunately, the bank was already closed, so I used the ATM. (I have several Canadian checks that I'd like to deposit, but I have to deposit them in person. Darn!)

From there I walked back home!

Though it wasn't a speed day as originally planned, I'm glad the rain stopped long enough that I was able to get in a couple of productive miles!

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