Monday, June 16, 2008

Good Walk Today

One of my favorite parks isn't very safe right now. A couple women have been grabbed and a guy was caught walking around with his pants down.

Today was relatively cool - in the 70s - and sunny, so I assumed the park would be crowded -- crowded means safe in my eyes. It was crowded enough that I felt safe without it being too crowded.

I had planned to do two 1.2 mile laps at a moderate speed. The first lap was easy at 18:51 and I picked up the pace a tiny bit for 18:21. I felt so good, I did a third lap in 17:58. That's a 15-min mile -- not fast, but it fit the goal of an easy walk.

I missed walking over the weekend because my knees have been bothering me. I tried out a knee support today and it seemed to help. I'll be icing in a little bit.

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