Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Strength Training

Last night I started what I'm calling my "knee rehab". I'm tired of my knee swelling, and my last diagnosis was a tracking problem. A trainer recently provided some advice on exercies that can strengthen my knees.

I started with two sets of 10 leg lifts from all four possible directions on each leg. Next I worked on balance and my ankles by standing on one leg for a set period of time, then doing it again with my eyes close. (I cannot stand on my left leg with my eyes closed!)Then switching.

As I was exercising, I decided to do more than just my legs. So I added crunches (two sets of 20), and pushups. Here is where I KNOW I have no upper body strength. I could barely do 5 pushups! And that was on my knees!

I'm going to give myself a chance to rest today, and I'll do the same workout tomorrow. I didn't exhaust my abs, so I may add crunches.

It will take some time, but if I keep it up my knees should get stronger and the tracking problem resolved.

Last night's walk: One mile to the library, two laps around the park (1.2 miles each), and back home.

Tonight's walk: 32 min in the neighborhood for about 2 miles.

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