Monday, March 09, 2009

3 Miles Easy

To get in my 3-mile walk today, I again head off to the library. Because my knees are still a little swollen from Saturday's workout, I wanted to get in the miles without increasing the stress. Walking to the library is always a little less intense than a racewalk workout.

So, I walked the mile to the library, returned some books, did the 1-mile lap around the park, went back inside to pick out new books, and walked home. Though I walked briskly, it was not intense.

The temps were in the 60s and because of the time change, it was light late enough for me to feel comfortable doing the loop around the park.

Though I don't like the Spring time change (I hate having to get up any earlier in the morning than necessary), it is nice that it is light out longer in the evening. I'm much more likely to find the time to get out and walk.

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