Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dinner with Jaye

When I travel, I often try to meet up with walkers I know: either members of the Walking Team or people I've met at various events.

While in St. Louis earlier this week, I had dinner with Jaye, a member of the Walking Team. I met her in Detroit last Fall with the Team. Though most of us did the Detroit Half Marathon, Jaye was fast enough to do the whole marathon.

It was really fun! We drove through some very interesting parts of St. Louis, and she took me to a great Greek restaurant. (There was even a belly dancer!) We talked about her recent finish of the Little Rock Marathon, our mutual friends, upcoming race, our families, and of course the possibility of doing the St. Louis Marathon next Spring.

Thanks, Jaye! I had a great time! And I hope to see you at the starting line of your local marathon next April.

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