Saturday, March 28, 2009

I Need to Learn to Work my Watch

I own more than 15 watches.

One is a sturdy Timex with a second hand that my Grandma wore when she was a nurse. Among the others are a couple cheap cute watches in bright colors to go with outfits, a couple nice dressy watches, and several sport watches.

My favorite sport watch (another Timex) is glitchy right now, so I've been wearing the Nike watch that is harder to use. Part of the problem is that I have several sport watches and they each work just a little differently. The other problem is, when I wear my contacts I cannot read the tiny print on the face of the watch. I think this is the bigger problem.

Today we did two loops at Sharon Woods, which is 3.8 miles per loop. There are mile markers which is great for the "I must measure everything" part of my personality, and there is a paint mark on the asphalt that shows when you've gone 4 miles. The problem is, I keep hitting the wrong buttons on the watch so I end up stopping the chrono totally rather than just hitting the lap timer. Then when we are finished, I forget how to stop the chrono and save the workout.

We ended up doing 7.8 miles timed (I think.) and the last .2 from the paint mark back to the start as a cool down. It took about 1:57 to do 7.8 miles. According to the online pace calculator, that is a 15-min mile. I was surprised because we started out too fast for a "long slow day". We did a couple miles at about 14:30 and 14:40, but then we had a couple others over 15. I guess it averaged out.

Though I thought we were faster, I'm not disappointed. We had hoped to stay between 14:30 and 15 per mile today, and we were close. Besides, it was beautiful out there and the people I walked with were fun. It was a great start to the day.

While writing this blog posting I finally found instructions to this watch on, and will try to figure out how to work the watch for next week.

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