Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Favorite New Ice Pack

I'm pretty low tech about a lot of health and fitness stuff. (That's why I like walking!) In fact, when it comes to treating my temperamental knees, I usually just use a bag of frozen peas.

Recently I purchased an ice pack aptly called WRAPZ. The reusable ice pack goes into a purple fabric wrap that can be attached to the knee with elastic straps and Velcro.

What a great idea! I don't like ice packs that require you to sit still or prop your leg to keep the ice on. With the WRAPZ, not only can I sit however I want, I can even get up and walk around!

There is a strap at both the top and the bottom of the pouch that wrap in opposite directions across the top of the pack to keep it attached securely. The elastic also keeps the pack at just the right compression. The Velcro is strong enough to hold everything in place, even when moving.

It takes about 2 hours for the ice pack to freeze all the way through. That seems like a long time when I forgot to put it back in the freezer. But once it was frozen, I was able to ice each knee a couple of times for 15 min. each before it was too thawed.

Though I don't ever use heat on my knees, this pack can be used hot or cold.

For more info, go to www.wrapz.biz. I bought mine at CVS, but I don't recall the price.

Time to ice my knees!

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