Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Another 4 Miles+ in St. Louis

My meetings ended much earlier than I had anticipated today, so I was able to get out in the bright sunshine and walk 4 miles! Because of the blisters I had from the previous day's walk (actually, not fully healed from last week walking in dress socks), I decided to skip racewalking and walk in my hiking shoes. Eventually, I ended up walking to the middle of the bridge looking over the Mississippi and watched the water. Very cool!

Because I wasn't racewalking, it was a little harder to know how far I walked in a little over an hour.

Then later tonight a group of us went to a great Italian restaurant for dinner. One of our group said it was only a 15-min walk from the restaurant to the hotel, so we decided to walk back. The only problem is, I decided to wear heels assuming we would NOT walk. Well, it was more than a 20-min walk back, and I was wearing heels with dress socks. I have new blisters under my big toe on each foot. Yes, they hurt. I probably will not have time to get in another 4 miles before my flight home tomorrow, but I'll try. Otherwise, maybe I can fit in a few miles at the airport. Regardless, I will NOT be wearing heels.

(St. Louis photos to come.)

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