Saturday, April 11, 2009

10 Miles

The 10 miles we walked today would have been much easier if I had slept well last night. For some reason, I kept having disturbing dreams that revolved around the movie we watched last night which caused me to wake and toss and turn.

Still, I was at the park at 7 a.m. to meet the Buckeye Striders to get in our training miles.

The first 2 miles were rough. I felt too tired to walk that far. But the more we walked the better I felt. The hills at Sharon Woods didn't even bother me! (Our hill workouts are working for us!)

We averaged a 15 min mile, which is usually on the slow side for us. But all of us were feeling the need to emphasize the "slow" part of the long slow distance this weekend.

After a good long stretch and a cup of coffee with breakfast after we finished, I've felt pretty good all day. I did end up standing in the kitchen a lot today pre-cooking some stuff for tomorrow's dinner, and that has made me a little tired, but there is no pain.

Next week we do 11 miles, then we taper until the Pig!

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