Thursday, April 09, 2009

I'm Not Obsessed

Seriously, I'm not obsessed with getting races to offer women's sizes -- I just want race garments that fit.

If the shirts or jackets offered are a brand name and a quality product, the men's small usually fits me. I get frustrated when you do all of the training, pay the money for the race, you finish the race, and yet you can't wear the shirt or jacket.

One New Year's Day race gave out a shirt that was an unusual color (not white) and I was pretty excited to wear it. The sleeves were too short for my arms, and yet the arm holes were so huge, the sleeves were like bat wings. And of course I always bring up the fleece jacket that was so huge my son who plays HS football wears it.

I admit it, I like the fact that more races are recognizing that more women than men enter their events. And sometimes I wonder what would happen if a race that attracts 70% women did not have any men's sizes.

But seriously, I'm not obsessed, I just want shirts that fit. And if it is a woman's size, all the better.

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