Saturday, April 25, 2009

Playaway Audiobook Update

I've picked up a couple more Playaway audiobooks since I did my product review. I'm not as sold on them as I was back then. Lately I've been unhappy with the device's performance.

As I mentioned in my initial review, the sound quality is not the best. With the last two items I listened to, the buttons did not work well. One would not allow me to reverse or fast forward, the buttons also did weird things when I put the player in my pocket. The one I have now doesn't save where I stop. It's annoying to try to pick up where you left off only to have to repeat a couple chapters of the story.

Based on this recent experience, I'm not sure how often I will listen to Playaway books. Maybe it will be OK if I stick to the most recent releases before the buttons get worn out.

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