Sunday, April 05, 2009

What do you do with old race numbers?

When straightening my room earlier today, I found a small stack of about six race numbers that had been sitting on my dresser. I then felt the need to dig out my entire collection of numbers. Most are just in a big 10 X 12 envelope. Some are probably stuck in the bottom of gym bags or scattered around my office. Still, I just can't throw them away.

Each number brought back memories of the fun and excitement of that race. The Country Music Marathon Half was great! The Air Force Marathon was the only full marathon I have entered and was where I met my buddy Jim from Memphis. I have quite a few from Race for the Cure. Big Sur had those killer hills! The News and Sentinel Half Marathon in Parkersburg is where I PRd. (Hills and heat?)

On the back of some of them I've written my finish time. (I had intended to do it with each race.) Some have places for emergency information and I saw the names and cell phone numbers of the people I entered with.

Because of these happy memories, I'd like to do something with them. I saw online that a woman made a dress out of hers. (Not my style.) I know others frame theirs, though I have too many for that. I could put them in a scrapbook, but I doubt if I will. In the meantime, I'll probably just put them all back in that 10 X 12 envelope until the next time I find some laying around.

So, what do you do with your old race bibs?

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