Saturday, April 04, 2009

9 Miles at Franklin Park

I'm not a big fan of walking at Franklin Park. It's in our walking club's rotation for the members who live on that side of town. It's a little over a 1-mile loop, there were puddles after the recent rain, and the construction makes it a little awkward. Plus, I just don't like having to do so many loops for 9 miles.

What I like about walking here is it is easy for the various members of our club to find the group. We had a total of about eight of us coming and going, with only three doing the entire 9 miles.

We started at 7 a.m. just as the sun was coming up. It was pretty chilly when we started, less than 40 degrees, but it was a beautiful morning. The first 2 miles I was stiff, but I eventually warmed up and it felt good. (I did NOT overdress today!)

So, though I do not like having to get out of bed on chilly mornings, this was definitely worth it! It was a beautiful morning walking with good friends, and I feel fantastic!

Thursday we did hills at Griggs Reservoir. Because six reps was too much last week -- we were sore for a couple of days -- we did just five reps. It felt great! And though I could feel my muscles, they were not sore. We are definitely getting stronger and I know we will be ready for the Flying Pig next month!

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