Saturday, April 18, 2009

Got My Mileage In

Boy, it was chilly today! I thought it would warm up pretty early, so I decided to wear shorts. Not the right decision. It took almost 2 hours before I warmed up!

We walked on a bike trail in Westerville for 5.5 miles (1.25 hrs) out, turned around and came back.

It was a very pretty trail and it was nice to do an out and back in such a nice location. It was rainy this week and we were lucky it wasn't today.

Other than my wearing shorts, the only other problem I had was I ran out of Clif Shot Bloks and was unable to buy more before this morning's mileage. I ended up eating a Promax (small) around mile 8 instead. It was better than nothing. I'll have to buy some Shot Bloks tomorrow to be sure I have what I need between now and the half marathon.

I felt great after the walk, though I felt a little stiff later on. I'm really looking forward to tapering and I can't wait to head to Cinci for the Pig!

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