Monday, April 27, 2009

I Think I'm Ready

I bought Cran Razz Clif Shot Bloks today.

My clothes have been washed and I know which shoes I will wear. I have a couple clothes options in case the weather changes and a throw-away sweatshirt lined up. Deb has made the hotel reservations and the travel plans.

Today I received my bib number via e-mail: 13540. You can track me throughout the race at: That is so cool!

I got in my 30-min walk tonight. Tapering is great!

I also know where I'll be buying goetta to bring back with me.

I think I'm ready! (OK, I keep forgetting to make a reservation for the pasta dinner, but otherwise, I'm ready.)


dixie said...

Have a great race. I signed up to get results along the route via text messages. Look forward to reading about the race.

Cindi said...

Thanks, Dixie! I tried to sign my husband to get updates without telling him, but it sent a text message to his phone and I didn't have the phone to finish the sign up. I'll get it worked out before I leave.