Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I had not planned to write every single time I walk out the door, but here I go anyway.

Today, additional errands made getting home before 7:30 p.m. impossible. I didn't get outside until after 8, so I had to cut it a little short. Actually, it's a good thing I cut it short. I felt a small pain on the back of my foot, but kept walking through it. I must have had something in my sock, because when I got home I found a small popped blister.

Regardless, the snow is melting, the sidewalks were pretty clear and there was almost no ice. It was great!


Anonymous said...

Cindi, things are looking up - it's March! Stay positive! You'll meet your race goals.

And, schedule your walks, just like all your other appointments, or it is too easy to blow them off (just a suggestion).

Larry Smith

Cindi said...

You know, if I wasn't also publishing the magazine, it would be no problem. You are right and I am trying harder to schedule walks.