Saturday, July 19, 2008

Change of Plans -- I Walked This Morning!!

What a day! I knew it would be hot, so I decided to walk with the Buckeye Striders this morning at 7:30. I just had a feeling that if I didn't, I wouldn't get my 6 miles in today.

We went to a park I have managed to miss every time our group has walked there -- Tuttle Park. This park is along the Olentangy River, south of other places we walk, and though you need to cut in a few neighborhoods along the way, most of them connect. What is really great about this park is shade (YES!), the trail seems wider than other sections, very little traffic noise and the wetlands are beautiful! I imagine if you are here at the wrong time of day, the mosquitoes would be horrible. It was a very nice morning walk.

Afterward, my friend Deb dropped me off at my son's baseball game about 9:30 and the game started at 10. Perfect timing!

The sun was hot, there was no breeze and very little cloud cover. What could have ended with one game if we had won, turned into a double header! Luckily, we handily won the second game and the Cubs are the NCS Pony League 2008 Champions. Needless to say, I am toasted! (What a terrible day to have forgotten sun screen.)

Now I get to top off this great day of walking and winning baseball by sitting in a laundromat. (My dryer is still not fixed.) I might go wild and even follow that up with a trip to the grocery store. Woo hoo! Life goes on.

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