Sunday, July 20, 2008

Twitter, Typos and Random Thoughts

Do any of you use the social networking site Twitter? I've heard several people say it is great, but I just don't get it. Does anyone really want to know what I am doing and thinking throughout the day? I've looked at other people's entries and I think it is just another way to consume my time. (Like blogging for instance?)

A friend suggested it might be fun if I used it during a big race: "I'm at mile 10 and feeling strong!" OK, I can see that. I have friends I would check on during a race if they did it. But, do I think I would stop to text a message from my phone while I'm in an event? I'm not particularly fast but I am competitive. I don't stop for anything other than re-tying my shoes and Port-a-johns. Can I text and walk? I may have to try it just to see. Now if voice recognition were available...

Anyway, if you use Twitter, please let me know how and why. I'm very curious.

I hate typos. Even in blog entries and e-mails they drive me nuts! The funny thing is, before I used spell check (yes, I'm old enough to have been an editor before there was spell check), I rarely had typos.

When I find typos in this blog, I fix them -- especially after my editor buddies point them out. (Thanks, David!) But there is a glitch in this software I don't understand -- I've fixed typos that don't go away. Anyway, if (make that "when") you find typos, I'm not that bad of an editor -- really -- blame it on the glitch.

Random Thoughts
I have heard a little about, a social bookmarking website. Again, I'm not much into "social stuff" on the web, but I'm trying to learn. It's interesting, and could be useful, but I don't know why anyone would want to see my bookmarks. Regardless, I did a search and discovered that WALK! Magazine was bookmarked by three people! Woo hoo! I'm not sure why, but I'm psyched about it.

No one has bookmarked this blog yet, but I'm sure it will happen any day now.

OK, it is hot and muggy today. I am THRILLED I walked yesterday morning! Thank goodness I have friends who encourage me to get out when the weather is right. Now I can stay inside and blog, Twitter and check out bookmarks.


Tammy said...

I have your blog on my RSS feed so that I get it as soon as you post it! :) You are appreciated!

I do not use Twitter; like you, I don't really get it (I'm too old to be into texting!). I do use Facebook and do post my status every few days or more often. That makes sense to me.

Cindi said...

Thanks, Tammy!

RSS feeds are another thing I'm learning about. I don't have Facebook, but I recently signed up for Linkedin. I think I have one "colleague".

It's amazing how many new opportunities there are out there. I wonder if I have enough time to keep up!

I love your new photo!

Carol said...

Thanks for visiting my "Non-scale Victories" blog on WordPress! I don't really "get" Twitter either. So far, I've been sharing my bookmarks on either StumbleUpon or Facebook. So, consider your blog and Walk! Magazine StumbledUpon:-)

Andrea said...

Hi Cindi! My husband, Larry, called me to tell me to look at your blog: further proof, from his perspective, that Twitter is worthless. I beg to differ...

Although I am by no means a Twitter expert (a "Twexpert"??), I am sticking with it until I figure it out.

Because Twitter is an entirely new concept in communication, it's a little awkward. Remember what we thought when e-mail was new? As Twitter neophytes, we should free ourselves to think differently about communication.

Larry says, "Well, why wouldn't I just use e-mail?" Twitter is set up to be used real-time and on-the-go, whether that's through text messaging or IM-ing. We no longer need to be sitting at our desks at our computers to communicate and share information with each other.

Another challenge is that Twitter is new, so there's not a lot of people using the service...and probably very few "tweets" related to things that are of interest to you.

But, imagine there was a community of walkers Twittering about their immediate walking experiences: weather, fluids, news, shoes, races, etc., etc. When you had something you quickly wanted to communicate to everyone in the group (say, awesome Nike skorts are on sale $20 off at Nordstroms), Twitter the group via a text message on your cell phone.

Here's a link to a very thorough primer on Twitter...that I actually found in someone's tweet (i.e., Twitter post).

I hope you will encourage your readers to develop a community on Twitter. Cindi, at the very least, you should encourage Larry and the other walkers in Columbus (New Albany, Buckeye Striders, etc.) to tweet. I belong to a group on Twitter related to "Twitterers" in Columbus, so I'm sure you can start your own.

P.S. The thing about the sale on Nike skorts at Nordstroms is true!

Cindi said...

Thanks Andrea!

I went to the website you recommended and it makes a lot more sense. When I do it, I think I'll have to have a personal Twitter and a WALK! Magazine Twitter. I would also have to sign up for unlimited messaging on my phone.

I'll be sure to invite Larry!

Cindi said...


I'm excited to be StumbledUpon! I'll have to check it out.

Wendee said...

Hi Cindi. I lurk, and hope that at some point you'll expand coverage further west (SoCal), and just wanted to say Hi. I enjoy twitter, which is different than blogging (immediate, and very concise) and different than IMing (you can broadcast to the world?). I work from home, so it replaces the watercooler for me - a chance to catch up a bit while I work.

I've met some very nice people, and enjoy hearing how everyone's days are going, things they're reading, thinking... But, yes, I do tend to enjoy people that go beyond the superficial details of their lives and share deeper thoughts, what they're thinking about ...

Hearing realtime progress of races would be pretty cool. You might have a designated non-racer, that keeps tabs on racers going by, rather than trying to text tweets yourself.

I don't do any of the other social networks, because I seem to attract, uhhhm, interesting people. But I do really find LinkedIn to be extremely helpful in getting in touch with a lot of old friends and in making new ones as well. I'll try to find you there!

Thanks for the blog - I'm trying to get back into running / walking, and reading about your progress has been a good shot of motivation for me. Take care!