Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Wish this City was Pedestrian Friendly

I Hate Road Construction

I hate the fact that the majority of places I want to go I need to drive. What makes this even more irritating is that in Central Ohio there are only a couple of months when road construction can be completed, so every single road I drive on is currently under construction. OK, that is an exaggeration -- only 75% of the roads are under construction.

For example -- at an office I work in, the actual street the building is on is fine. (It's pretty short, though.) But where main streets meet this road, you can't go in either direction. On one side, the road narrows to one lane and drivers must wait for flaggers to let several cars through at a time.

On the other side, the road narrows to one lane and oncoming traffic is completely blocked. Once you escape from the construction, you can't return. If you go up to the connecting street, there is even more construction!

These main roads lead to everything important: parks where I eat lunch and walk, the bank, restaurants, gas stations... In addition, everything of use is so far away, it is impossible to walk instead of drive.

Though I try to walk as often as possible, it is this time of year that makes me really wish I lived in a small, pedestrian-friendly town.

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Tammy said...

I hear you on the construction. It's like that here too. Every. Single. Time. I. Go. Somewhere. ARRRGH!

In Utah there are 2 seasons: winter, and road construction :).