Saturday, July 26, 2008

Too Many Shoes?

I think I may officially own too many pairs of shoes. Part of the problem is, I don't like to throw the worn pairs away. I keep thinking that if I have to paint or mow the lawn, I need to keep a trashed pair around. That's fine, but do I really need to keep EVERY pair?

Here is the problem. I was convinced I need a new heavier shoe for the half marathons I have scheduled this fall. I've been wearing my really light NB 902s for short fast days, but I like to wear something heavier for distances beyond 6-8 miles.

Earlier this week I went out to Road Runner and bought a pair of Nikes. Today I was trying to figure out if the last pair of ugly teal shoes I returned were the same ugly teal pair I tried on this week. I checked this blog and realized I just bought Nikes is April! Why did I not remember this pair? I like the shoes, and they would be good for a half marathon distance, they were just too light for Big Sur (21 miles).

Granted, I would need new shoes before the first half marathon rolls around anyway. The good news is, I have plenty of time to break them in and make sure they are right for me. And now I have another pair of long-distance shoes to trade off with.

BTW: After 6 miles, so far I like the Nike Vomero3.

Photo of old Nikes on left and new Nikes on right.

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