Thursday, July 31, 2008

Teleseminar Sidelines Walk

I had a ton of mail to get out tonight, and got most of it to the PO. Great!

Then I called into a teleseminar about how to get on national TV. The seminar started out OK, but covered a lot of stuff I know about why PR is useful, etc. I was a PR major at OU for goodness sake! I just don't know how to get on TV.

So he goes through the benefits of PR, talks about a couple of mistakes people make (good info), gives advice for contacting producers (again good stuf) then he spends 15 min telling the callers why we should sign up for a big conference in NYC in October where you get to meet 100 professionals who book people on TV shows and national magazine editors looking for story ideas.

That's great. It sounds interesting. I've received about 30 e-mails about this opportunity. I really don't want to hear him tell me about it again. If only I had an extra $5,000 I don't need. (And that doesn't include airfare, food and hotel in NYC. I doubt if my daughter's friend who goes to NYU will let me stay on her dorm room floor.)

The point of this story is to tell you why I didn't walk tonight. I was on a teleseminar to learn how to get on Oprah, but ended up hanging up halfway through.

So, if any of you have any pull with Oprah, you would save me a lot of time and $5,000 if you would talk to her about getting me on her show.

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