Monday, March 22, 2010

It can be Hard to Eat Healthy When Traveling

Sometimes it is really difficult to eat healthy foods when traveling. (Don't get me started on airports.).

For me there are two types of traveling that make eating healthy difficult: 1) family travel where there are great restaurants and lots of social eating and drinking events; 2) travel for work. I'm traveling for work right now.

I was able to get a great fruit plate for breakfast the other day! But the box lunches included huge lunch meat sandwiches with really thick white bread buns, cookies, potato chips and a piece of fruit. I ate just half the sandwich and the fruit. I had the self control to push the cookies and chips off on other people. (Some people ate several bags of chips.) Sadly, dinner at a great Colonial Williamsburg Tavern was anything but healthy. (It was delicious and the servings were huge!)

Today I was unable to get room service in time for breakfast, so I ended up eating danish and another box lunch. (Only half the sandwich and the fruit.) One of the people in the meeting took out a baggie with really delicious-looking whole grain bread. He removed the insides from the sandwich and put it on his own bread! I never thought about that. He too skipped the cookies and chips.

Dinner again was too much food.

So there are times when I'm traveling -- especially for work -- where it is really hard to make healthy food choices! Sometimes I just wish someone could force me to eat right.

NOTE ADDED 3/25: I weighed myself this morning and remarkably, I did not gain any weight while traveling! In fact, I lost half of a pound. I can only assume that being more active during the day by having to walk to and from meetings made the difference. (Unfortunately, as an editor in a very small building, I have a very sedentary job.)


jewel@fit-and-fabulous-jewel said...

I is so hard to eat healthy when you don't have control of what you are preparing. You had a lot of self control! I would have eaten the chips because they were there...even though I never buy them!

I have come to the point where I always pack and bring some kind of healthy snack bag when I travel...otherwise I tend to give in to some of the things I normally wouldn't eat.

You are definitely in a tempting and tough situation but you are really doing better than probably almost every body there!

I love Williamsburg...hope you are having fun!

Cindi said...

In order to save space, I didn't go into much detail on both of those dinners, but I ate a LOT of food! It was fun, and eating at the tavern in Colonial Williamsburg was worth it. (Thick, delicious pork chops, mashed sweet potatoes, green beans, creamed spinach...)

On the bright side, since I gave up Diet Coke for Lent, I am drinking a lot more water.