Thursday, March 18, 2010

Why do I Care?

I have gotten past that whole "racewalkers look funny" thing. Well, I thought I had gotten past it. Two recent events make me wonder.

Last week on a nice day I was racewalking to a nearby park. I walk this route all of the time and typically end up getting stuck by a traffic light at a nearby heavy duty intersection.

On this particular day, I was suddenly aware of all the people in the cars waiting for the light and felt extremely conspicuous. I could feel their eyes as I crossed the street using pretty good racewalking form. I almost just walked regularly and didn't bother racewalking, but that felt even sillier since I had racewalked to get to the intersection.

Then tonight I decided to do a quick couple of miles in the neighborhood. Again, I walk in my neighborhood all the time -- at all times of the day. I'm sure to my neighbors I'm the crazy neighbor who walks funny. Today I walked out the door, noticed a group of teen-aged boys playing basketball two doors down, and made the decision to start out walking casually until I rounded the corner. As soon as I was out of sight, I started working on form instead of speed.

On the way home, I had to pass the group of boys again. This time I opted to keep racewalking, but stayed on the other side of the street. I've known most of these kids for years -- they have all seen me look sillier than this!

So, I have been attempting to racewalk for years. Within the last year I am finally getting it down and it is more obvious that I am racewalking. I have to wonder, now that I am finally getting it down, why am I even remotely concerned about what other people think?


Nyle said...

I have only just started feeling 'Ok' about training on my own. I can ignore the toots and cat calls...but its the teenage kids that get me every time. They either turn around and mimic me from behind or say some really really nasty things....(like its OK for them to be so rude??) So I can understand how suddenly you felt watched....for most days we just get out there and do it....some days you just suddenly feel everyone looking at you. Best advice I got given....but a huge grin on ya face and give them something to watch....walk on...

Cindi said...

I've never had anyone mimic me, though I have occasionally had calls from cars. But you are right, there is something different about walking past a group of teen-aged boys. I think the traffic light gawking I'll get past pretty quickly.