Monday, March 01, 2010

Snowy Walk Again

I was home early today and decided to walk to Lane Rd Park, do one lap and come back home. It's exactly 1 mile to the park from our house and about 1.2 miles around the park. It makes for a nice walk when I don't feel like driving anywhere and I get tired of walking in the neighborhood. Before I arrived home, I drove past the park to check if it was clear. It was not -- but the sidewalks leading to the park were nearly 95% clear! Last year it seemed that no one on Reed Road ever shoveled his driveway, but the park was usually clear.

I went to the park anyway. The walking was a little more difficult than I expected. The snow in the park was the consistency of slush without being that wet. It made it difficult to keep my footing in a lot of places. Though tough, it was a really good workout! I came home with my legs feeling very tired.

I also discovered that my boots have officially bitten the dust. They leak!

Later I again found out that the trails at Sharon Woods were clear. Darn! But that would have required driving farther than I had intended. Looks like starting next week, I may have to start making the trip.

As part of the Push Up Challenge I repeated the exhaustion test today. I am proud to say that repeating Week 2 worked! I was able to do 18 push ups today. Only 16 are required to move on. Woo hoo! I like to do my push ups Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, so I have decided to use Week 2 to complete the rest of this week, and start Week 3 next Monday.

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