Tuesday, March 02, 2010

This is Why I'm Tired of Winter

I have done remarkably well this winter. I've been outside as much as weather allows, I got in several longer-distance walks, I've been out in the sun as much as possible. I didn't even mind the heavy snow last week. I thought it was beautiful!

I am officially done with winter -- THIS is why!

Is it too much to ask for the neighbors to shovel their sidewalks?

I am so tired of walking in winter boots and hiking shoes! Seriously, I want to racewalk!


Nyle said...

this really amazes me. At worst I face walking in the wet or the dark...or in winter a cold frosty morning. But I have never faced walking in snow. I am just so impressed that you still go out!! I can see now why so many of my US f/b friends have treadmills. Well done and I promise not to complain too much on my frosty mornings.

jewel@fit-and-fabulous-jewel said...

Living in South Florida I cannot relate to walking in the snow...but it looks miserable and I sure am grateful I don't have to!

On the other hand, I am sure come July and August, when it is already 95+ degrees and 100% humidity by 7 a.m. I will have my own form of walking misery!!!

By then I hope to be as dedicated as you are and push through anyway!

Cindi said...

I don't mind walking in snow sometimes. I love the crisp air, the way the snow muffles sound, the lack of motorcycles revving loudly, (I hate loud motorcycles), and when I slip a little I feel like I'm working different muscles.

But I'm officially done. I need to head out to some parks I know are clear and just do real walking.

Cindi said...


Though I don't mind heat, in Central Ohio it isn't hot every day and it doesn't get hot until after 10 a.m. We have more time to fit in a walk.

What's funny is my 5K PR was in a February race with temps in single digits. My half marathon PR was in a WV race in August.

I think I like extremes.:')